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Ever wondered what a nutritionist eats in a day? Well, then today is your lucky day because I asked  Saskia, an orthomolecular nutritionist (and my mom!) what she eats in a day and she’s happily sharing it with you today!

Breakfast - 8:00 AM:
I love to start the day with a big green smoothie to hydrate my body and give it all the vitamins and minerals it needs! Today I had one with the Super Green and Skinny Protein mix, celery, apple, banana, spinach, and kiwi.

When I am not making a smoothie but decide to eat oatmeal for example for breakfast - I will just stir the Super Green mix in my water. I really use it every day, because it is an amazing source of natural vitamins and minerals plus high in chlorophyll thanks to the green superfoods - it cleanses your body and raises oxygen level (alkalizing)!

Snack 11:00 AM
In my eyes bliss balls are the perfect mid-morning snack: packed with energy, they will keep you going for longer - especially with the Power Matcha mix. This mix is one of my favorites! It boosts my productivity and focus while keeping me calm… I love it! I made the bliss balls with shredded coconut, dates, cashews and the Power Matcha Mix. Just blend in your food processor and roll into bite-sized balls!

Lunch - 2:00 PM
For lunch, I had a homemade pumpkin soup today! I just roasted some pumpkin in the oven and blended it with coconut milk, ginger and lots of delicious spices. Yummy!

Snack 4:30 PM
Time for a delicious and comforting turmeric latte! I just blend oat milk with turmeric powder, ginger cinnamon, and coconut sugar. Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and everybody should eat more of it!

Dinner 7:00 PM
I kept my dinner super simple today: I just mixed cooked brown rice, steamed broccoli and green peas in a big bowl and added some tahini and freshly cracked pepper. Easy and delicious!

I love seeing what other people eat! It’s really inspiring, isn’t it? Do you want me to include more of these? Let me know in the comments :)

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