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The 5-Day Detox Plan

Everything you need to build healthy long-term habits and transform your health & well-being.

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Goal Setting Worksheet

Set your 2023 goals with ease, with these goal setting worksheets.

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Creating Healthy Habits with Ivy

Ivy, our Facebook Community Leader and Ayurvedic Nutritionist, talks about creating healthy habits that last.

Detox Your Way To A Healthier Future

Clinical studies show* that our 5-Day Detox significantly improved energy levels, mental clarity, sleep quality, and focus.

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Becoming Present Meditation

Take 15 minutes out of your busy day to practice being present. This guided meditation guides you through breath awareness and anchors you in the now for a well-deserved break.

Accountability Tips For Better Health

Our Facebook Community Leader and Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Ivy talks about how you can make accountability work for you.


Our complimentary month-long Community Reset includes our 5-Day-Detox (live!), as well as access to a digital copy of our detox program, live and recorded videos from holistic health experts, and exclusive community support.

A detox diet or cleanse is a healthy way to reset the body’s systems. When you follow a detox diet, you’re improving and optimizing the function of your body’s own detoxification systems and supporting your body’s health. You're also trying to give your body a break so it can heal itself. If it’s constantly being occupied with digestion, which takes a lot of energy, your body will put the deep cleaning process on hold.

In general, this detox is all about refueling your body with nutrients, which in most cases is healthy for everyone! However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking certain medications, please consult your doctor.

No. Anyone can join the detox, regardless if they’ve purchased the Detox Bundle or not. However, our 5—Day Detox has been exclusively developed by our co-founder Kristel using Your Super mixes. We highly recommend using all the recommended mixes, so you’re following the detox as it was intended. We do not advocate using other mixes, as the clinical results we share are based exclusively on the Your Super mixes. The Detox Bundle includes 5 full-size mixes (enough product for a month), plus a printed version of our 5-Day Detox Guide.

We know you’re busy, and it’s not always possible to join live! That’s why we’re recording all our live videos so you can access them at your convenience. Videos will be available to watch on our Community Reset landing page as they are recorded.

The clinical study was conducted by Citrus Labs. Participants were followed for 16 days (days 6-21) after the detox period to investigate altered eating habits since completing the 5-day detox period.

Unlike most detox programs that focus on expensive juices or pills, this detox diet plan focuses on real, whole foods and nutrient-dense superfoods. This detox also eliminates meat, dairy, processed foods, caffeine, added sugar, salt, oils, additives, and fillers. Breakfast is a green smoothie, lunch is a plant-based meal, and dinner is a berry smoothie. You also have the option to have a snack in the afternoon.

This detox is not about depriving yourself; it’s about nourishing your body with as many nutrients as possible. Large smoothies, filling salads and even optional snacks are all part of the 5-day detox.

Yes! You'll receive support before, during and after the detox. Join us in our exclusive Facebook group where we motivate and inspire each other on our detox journey. We’re also sending you emails throughout the month of January to make sure you stay on track. And for any other questions, our amazing Community Customer Support team is on standby. Just send them an email at happy@yoursuper.com!

Results will vary from person to person. People who have followed this detox have experienced increased energy levels, better digestion, glowing skin, overall better mood, improved sleep, weight loss, and reduced sugar cravings — just to name a few.

*Source: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT05303207?term=your+super&draw=2&rank=1