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These superfood mixes make the perfect gift for our friends and family. Maybe for yours, too?

Superfood Gift Sets

No idea what gift to get for your parents, your best friend or partner? Don’t worry! If our superpower wasn’t creating the cleanest superfoods on the market, it would be finding the right gift for anyone. Here are our best gift ideas.

Gift Recommendations By Our Team

Rebecca, Content Manager

Rebecca, Content Manager,

Gives Her Dad

Golden Mellow

“My dad has always been super active—whether it's riding his bike or running a marathon. However, he's not a smoothie guy, so Golden Mellow is just perfect. He can use it as a spice in all meals or simply add it to warm oat milk. And it helps with inflammation, too! (I might also add some of the Golden Mellow Bars so he can enjoy his superfoods on the go!)"

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Masha, Marketing Manager

Masha, Marketing Manager,

Gives Her Best Friends

Moon Balance

“My best friends are very busy women! They’re juggling work, meetings and planning projects, all of which can be really challenging when dealing with PMS. I told them about Moon Balance and how the mix can help to minimize symptoms of hormonal imbalance.The mix is now on everyone’s wish list—probably the most-wanted gift ever!”

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Daniel, Customer Experience

Daniel, Customer Experience,

Gives His Mom

Super Green

“I tried to convince my parents to eat superfoods regularly. My mom is more open to new things, so I started by making Super Green Shots with lemon juice for her. I told her to drink them in the morning before she has breakfast or coffee. I did not explain why—and I didn’t need to. It didn’t take long before her mix was nearly empty. Mission accomplished! She’s hooked!”

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Lisa, Marketing Manager

Lisa, Marketing Manager,

Gives Her Grandma

Forever Beautiful

“My grandma doesn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. That’s why she’ll be getting Forever Beautiful. It’s super yummy and she can just sprinkle it on her oatmeal. That way she can sneak an extra portion of berries and vitamins into her breakfast every morning to stay healthy.”

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Gift Ideas For Any Budget

From large superfood sets and powerful single mixes to cool statement mugs – we got you! Find the perfect gift for your budget here.

Your Super Gift Card

Let your loved ones decide

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