Bundle & Save: Get 10% off each mix Bundle & Save: Get 10% off each mix

Superfood Rituals to calm down, and unwind.

The perfect superfoods to switch on your relaxation mode – any time of day.


Looking for the best way to unwind and de-stress at the end of the day? Improve your health while you drink this powerful superfood latte.

Superfood Rituals to calm down, and unwind.

The perfect superfoods to switch on your relaxation mode – any time of day.


Reduce bloating & inflammation, increase your energy levels and improve your health with the NEW! 5-Day Detox Plan.

How To Use The Calm Bundle Daily

Morning 🌅

Add 2 tsps of Plant Collagen to lattes, smoothies, or bowls for a more calming start to your day.

Tocotrienols in rice bran protect cells from oxidative stress and may promote relaxation. Find rice bran protein in Plant Collagen Mix.

Afternoon 🌞

Enjoy a latte (hot or iced) with 1 tsp of Golden Mellow and 1 cup of plant-based milk for a calming afternoon drink.

This combination of Ayurvedic herbs has been known for centuries for its calming power.

Evening 🌙

Mix 1 tsp of Magic Mushroom Mix with plant-based milk for a relaxing chocolatey nightcap.

Functional mushrooms like chaga and reishi are full of antioxidants that protect the cells. The fatty acid anandamide, found in raw cacao, promotes relaxation as it is a building block of the central nervous system.

Superfoodies Agree:

Staying Calm Has Never Been Easier

Plant Collagen Mix


A great way to bump up my natural collagen. The vanilla taste works well in smoothies or as a creamer in my morning decaf. - Amanda

Golden Mellow Mix


💛YuuuM💛 Definitely mellows you out. Want to relax during a stressful day or a great night sleep? This is the way to go. - Jennifer

Magic Mushroom Mix


LoveThis is part of my daily self care. I love the taste and the benefits. - Valerie

Enjoy the full zen power of all 3 mixes in our new Calm Bundle (and save 10%!)

The Your Super Promise


We believe in bringing you only the highest-quality, most responsibly-sourced ingredients. Which is why every Your Super mix is Organic-certified, each ingredient is transparently sourced directly from farmers, and every batch is third-party tested for purity and potency. Plus, all of our mixes contain only 5-6 ingredients with NO stevia, added fillers, gums, or artificial flavours — ever. 

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