Tips to make your body reset diet more fun

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When thinking of doing a body reset many people cringe… it’s associated with hunger, deprivation and irritability. What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way?

It is a great way to reset your body, give it a break and get back on track with your healthy eating habits – especially after an indulgent time like the holidays!

Here are so some of my top tips to make resetting easier and more fun:

1. Find 
your why
Focus on WHY you want to do a reset. Do you want to gain more energy, keep track of your weight, give your immune system some extra loving? Having a clear intention in mind is a great motivation that will keep you on track - especially when you want to give up.

2. Journal

Get yourself a cute notebook and start documenting your experience. It will make it easier as you get to reflect on your daily efforts. P.S. we made planning sheets to go with the detox plan! You can track everything from your food to your workout, water intake and affirmations on there.

3. Bodylove
Show your body some extra love! Pamper it with baths, massages, face masks and scrubs… It will definitely ensure the whole experience is more pleasant and makes you feel extra amazing!

4. Get support!

The ultimate tip for having more fun while refreshing your body is getting someone on board to do it with you. Ask a friend, your family or simply seek support online. Join the Your Super community online and on Facebook to share tips, tricks and question: this will set you up for success and make your experience more enjoyable!

What are your tips for a successful detox? Let us know in the comments! :)