Instant Celery Juice Recipe

Take your celery juice to the next level with this super easy recipe. No more messy juicing needed!

Celery Juice

Okay, okay, you’ve probably heard a lot about celery and its amazing benefits.  But THIS  recipe is more than your average celery juice – after all, our nutritionists have worked for 8 months on it!

And the best thing is: All you need is one teaspoon of Gut Feeling Mix and water. It doesn’t get any more simple than that. The benefits however will blow you away: This instant celery juice beats bloating, improves digestion, feeds your friendly gut bacteria, relieves digestive discomfort… 

With just one spoonful of Gut Feeling you get everything that makes your tummy happy and aids digestion: 

  • Dietary fibre cannot be found in regular celery juice but is vital for the growth of healthy gut bacteria. 
  • The natural digestive enzyme protease helps break down proteins. 
  • And the digestive enzyme amylase helps metabolize starch.

Oh, and did we mention that this celery juice also tastes refreshing thanks to lemon, apples, and ginger!? Well, get ready to experience that good gut feeling!


Instant Celery Juice (No juicer required!)

The Recipe


  • 1 tsp Gut Feeling mix
  • 250ml water


Stir the Gut Feeling mix into water and mix well. 

(Note: The mix doesn't dissolve completely, so keep stirring before you drink the celery juice!)

Products Used

Gut Feeling

Gut Feeling

Instant celery mix for a happy gut