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A Halloween Bliss Ball Recipe Small & Big Children Will Love

There’s nothing spooky about these Super Green bliss balls! This simple recipe is loaded with flavor and packed with nutritious greens.

Super Green Bliss Balls

 It’s that time of year when sugar-filled treats are on every kid’s mind. (Okay, let’s be honest, it’s on our minds too...and we’re adults.) So, to help you combat these cravings, we’ve come up with a Halloween-friendly recipe that’s kid AND parent-approved.


These witchy-green bliss balls contain only 4 ingredients and they’re perfect for making with the little ones. Plus, they contain our nutrient-rich Super Green mix – but that can be our little secret...

This functional superfood mix contains 6 healthy greens packed with essential vitamins and minerals – perfect for picky eaters and veggie naysayers.

These Super Green bliss balls make the perfect midday snack, on-the-go treat, or as a scary- movie-marathon dessert. Best of all? They’re a sweet treat you can feel good about feeding your family. Enjoy!


Makes 8 Bliss Balls | VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE


  • 2 tbsp Super Green mix
  • 130g cashews
  • 180g Medjool dates (pitted)
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • Toppings: melted dark chocolate and raisins for eyes (optional)


          1. Place all the ingredients (except toppings) in a food processor and blend until you're left with a sticky 'dough'.
          2. Divide the dough into chunks and roll little balls out of them.
          3. Melt the dark chocolate and roll the balls in it, add two raisins as long as chocolate is still soft.
          4. Place in freezer to harden the chocolate cover.
          5. Store in the fridge until serving.
          6. Enjoy!

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