Rules of Snacking: Our Best Healthy Snacks

best healthy snacks recipes

Let’s face it  snacks are amazing! However, snacking should not be the permission to eat junk food regularly. Eating whole, unprocessed foods will help you keep hunger at bay; but which snacks can you eat guilt-free?

Healthy snacks are low in refined sugars and contain a balance of protein, carbohydrate, and fats. The carbs give you an immediate energy boost, the protein kicks in with energy later, and the fat adds flavour and satiation.

Food that is high in nutrients and fibres enhances that feeling of fullness and satisfaction and keeps hunger and cravings at bay – that’s why we love to add superfood mixes to our snacks!

Which is why we have compiled together some healthy snacks recipes for your very pleasure, enjoy!

  1. Bliss Balls

  2. Superfood Crackers

  3. Bean Dip

  4. Avocado Toast


We even went further and wrote a list of healthy comfort food, for those days where you need this extra loving in your plate - discover the selection of hearty, comforting yet guilt-free recipes in the blog!