How to Motivate Yourself: 10 Helpful Tips for Every Day

You wanted to eat healthier, get up at 6am, exercise every day, meditate, do all the to-dos...but sometimes you just don't have the motivation. Here are some tips on how to motivate yourself to maintain healthy habits!

Rebecca Höfer Mar 10, 2022
Motivation Tips

January is finally over and with it the New Year's motivational high. Yes, exactly, what about all those healthy resolutions for this year? Maybe you already noticed during the first 30 days that not all of them are so easy to implement or you lack the motivation to keep them up. Sometimes you might find it hard to motivate yourself, even though you know that this thing is good for you. Maybe it is even something you do for yourself. And yet the intrinsic motivation is missing.

A healthy lifestyle is not perfect. It's not a one-size-fits-all. And yes, even though it might sometimes be easier to fit your life to a prefabricated template - that's not really what life is all about.

We all know and have it: that inner voice that’s nagging us to just not do it - not go to the gym, not buy fresh groceries, just get the take-out. We are told everywhere that we have to conquer it. But I have found that it can be much more helpful to see it as a part of yourself. So instead of fighting that voice, accept it and acknowledge that it sometimes gets in the way. Use your strength and energy to do the best you can in the here and now. Some days you may find it easier to practice healthy habits, others you’re just not up for it.

Try these motivational tips in your daily life and see what works best for you!

10 tips to motivate yourself (every day)

1. Don't think in extremes

A good example of this is a healthy diet: You have managed to eat particularly "healthy" food for a certain time. Then you reach for something "unhealthy" and suddenly everything seems lost. You are more motivated to maintain a healthy habit if you don't expect yourself to be perfect every day!

2. Get ready in advance

Get your workout clothes ready the night before so you can start your exercise routine straight away in the morning.

3. At work

Consciously take breaks and find peace. During this time you can gather new strength and prepare yourself better mentally. The perfect moment to snack on some brain food.

4. Get into flow 

Here you can find out how to make the most of the flow state.

5. Plan in small rewards

You have completed an item on a to-do list? Celebrate the little milestone with a superfood mochaccino!

6. Storage For Success

Store fruit and vegetables in a visible place, but leave processed foods further back in the cupboard. The same goes for your superfood mixes! We’ve made our cans extra pretty so they can be the perfect decoration on your shelves - and you remember to use them regularly!

7. Create space

This goes for work, exercise, sleeping or eating! Create specific places in your home, no matter how small, for each of your activities and try to keep them separate. For example, no work (aka laptop) at the dining table, no eating in bed etc.

8. External support team

Maybe create a group with friends who are also working on their healthy habits and share motivational sayings, pictures or inspirations! For example, join our Facebook group to exchange ideas with other superfoodies about healthy eating. Click here to join the group.

9. Set SMART goals

If your healthy habits are Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and can be Timed, it's easier to keep track of what's working and what's not.

10. Question (& write down) your reasons

Why do you want to eat healthy/exercise more/get up earlier? Find out if you only do these habits because others tell you it's healthy or because it feels good for you? Write down what your routines mean to you personally and why they are important to you. Maybe put the note in a visible place so you can remember it every day!

Hopefully, some of these tips could help motivate you in your daily routine.