Top 3 Health Benefits of Hibiscus & How to Use

From relieving menstrual pain to helping prevent heart disease – hibiscus is packed with tons of health benefits! Here’s 3 reasons you should add hibiscus to your diet.

Apr 14, 2022
hibiscus flowers

When you think of hibiscus, you might think of the bright, tropical flower selected to represent Hawaii.

But did you know that this stunning flower holds so many benefits, that it’s listed as a therapeutic agent?

While hibiscus may be most commonly used in hot and cold beverages, it’s actually been used in traditional medicine to treat various health conditions. Read on to learn how this tropical flower can relieve cramps, reduce anxiety and depression, and help fight off disease-causing free radicals.

Top 3 benefits of the hibiscus

1. It soothes menstrual cramps

Around 80% of women experience period cramps in their lifetime. And a percentage of these women suffer such extreme pain that they’re unable to attend school and work. Luckily, studies have shown that hibiscus may offer some relief.

Due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, hibiscus root has been shown to relieve menstrual pain. Additionally, various parts of the hibiscus plant have been used in ancient medicine, to treat arthritis pain, chest pain, and headaches.

Hibiscus may also promote hormonal balance, and help reduce common PMS symptoms, such as anxiety and irritability. The next time your period gets you down, whip up a warm cup of hibiscus and ginger tea! Or try our rejuvenating fruit-infused spa water!

2. It may reduce anxiety and depression

Did you know women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression and anxiety than men? This can largely be attributed to hormonal changes and imbalances.

In addition to relieving menstrual pain, hibiscus may also be a natural remedy for depression.

Research shows that the flavonoids in hibiscus have antidepressant properties, and may reduce anxiety and depression. In an animal study, hibiscus flowers promoted dopamine receptors (aka feel-good chemicals) in adult mice.

3. It helps fight free radicals

Like maqui berry, hibiscus is rich in anthocyanins – a group of antioxidants that help fight free radicals. 

When too many free radicals are produced, oxidative stress occurs which can lead to chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. But according to multiple studies, hibiscus holds powerful free radical-fighting abilities. In an animal study, hibiscus extract increased antioxidant enzymes and lowered the effects of free radicals by 92%!

In addition, hibiscus is high in vitamin C, which helps promote healthy skin and tissues and supports a healthy nervous system – making it your trusty health sidekick!

How to use hibiscus & add it to your diet

There are countless ways to enjoy hibiscus! And thanks to its multitude of health benefits, there are plenty of reasons to add it to your diet.

Thanks to its subtle tart and floral flavor, hibiscus goes great in just about everything! Try adding it to teas, juices, or desserts for an antioxidant-boost. Or, try it in our delicious Moon Balance mix.

Using six powerful, superfoods ingredients, this women-focused blend helps to naturally balance hormones and reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause. Find some of our favorite Moon Balance recipes here!

Note: If you are taking medication or you’re currently pregnant, consult your doctor before taking this mix.