7 Aphrodisiac Foods to Boost Your Libido

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we ask ourselves if we really still need expensive gifts and flowers as presents, or whether we can spend the day of love doing the really important things? With good food, good company (including just yourself) and a good time, let's make love go through your stomach. With this being said, we are diving into the world of aphrodisiacs and will introduce you to 7 foods that not only get you in the mood, but also literally make you feel hot.

Anne Hustig Apr 19, 2022
7 Aphrodisiac Foods to Boost Your Libido

What are aphrodisiacs?

The term aphrodisiac comes from the Greek and is derived from its namesake Aphrodite - the goddess of love, beauty, sexual desire and fertility.

 Aphrodisiacs include synthetic chemicals, natural food supplements, foods such as plants, marine animals, spices and herbs, or psychoactive substances which have various stimulating effects on the body and are intended to increase libido, sexual desire and potency.

Herbal aphrodisiacs are divided into different categories depending on the intended effect:


  • Hot and spicy substances
  • Sensually appealing
  • Rare and exotic
  • Similarity to sexually associated shapes

Do aphrodisiacs really work?

Throughout history, people have turned to foods and other natural substances to increase their sexual desire and even fertility. Food has played a big role in increasing arousal and performance. Their use also made sense as there were no medical drugs to enhance performance yet and it was essential to provide offspring for the lineage.

Aphrodisiacs have been on everyone's lips (and in everyone’s mouth) for millennia because they promise well-being and, above all, success. Over time, several hundred remedies were counted among the aphrodisiacs.

Even though many people swear by the effect of certain aphrodisiacs, to this day there is hardly any rock hard scientific evidence regarding their effect.


But there is good news: Although more research is needed on the aphrodisiac effects of foods, they still remain interesting. This is because many of their active ingredients can actually have relaxing, circulatory stimulating, blood flow stimulating (and thus lust increasing...) and sensation enhancing effects.


And let's not forget the good old placebo effect. If you believe that something has an effect, you are more likely to experience a positive outcome. This also has a lot to do with personal feelings. If you associate a certain colour (red), a shape (peaches and cucumbers), a scent (rich chocolate), or a texture (ever cut a grapefruit lengthwise?) with a romantic or even pleasurable feeling, this can already cause arousal. And we all know which effect we particularly want. Eroticism and food are simply an inseparable pair.

True to the motto: "Be sexy, eat plants", we have compiled the 7 hottest, herbal, aphrodisiac foods for a thrilling time.

Top aphoridisiac foods to boost your libido

Top 7 Aphrodisiac Foods That Boost Your Libido

1. Vanilla

Vanilla is said to have a mood-lifting, pheromone-like, yet calming effect due to its sweet, aromatic scent. So light some vanilla scented candles and get the vanilla lotion out for a sensual massage. Start or end your day with a creamy vanilla latte for that extra dose of blissfulness.

2. Chocolate (cocoa)

Indulgence starts with the sensual feel of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate on your tongue and the sweet scent of cocoa in your nose.

Chocolate, or rather cocoa, contains the happiness-phytohormone phenethylamine, and theobromine, which can have a mood-lifting effect.

But chocolate isn't just a treat on its own. How about some decadent Magic Mushroom recipe ideas? For this mix we’ve combined finest cacao with adaptogenic plants that have a calming effect on the nervous system - so you can destress and focus more on sexy times.

Cacao French Toast

Magic Bliss Balls

3. Chilli

Hot, hotter - chilli. The chili’s spiciness triggers pain stimuli and thus releases the happiness-hormone endorphin.. At the same time, capsaicin stimulates blood circulation, which not only makes you feel hot, but also really heats things up (if you know what we mean). For a particularly exciting treat, we recommend this spicy hot chocolate.

4. Strawberries

Strawberries are not only little vitamin bombs, but with their bright red colour and the seeds on their surface they remind us visually of our...? - tongues. No wonder they are considered a symbol of fertility. Hot kisses are therefore pre-programmed. For a sensual dessert on Valentine's Day, strawberries dipped in chocolate are a must.

5. Pomegranate

These fruits are true treasures of nature. The purple-red seeds resemble precious diamonds, making the so-called fruit of love perfect for a bit of sensuality. Thanks to its plump shape, the pomegranate is a sign of fertility in some cultures, and there are stories about whether or not it is the reason why Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise. So we recommend being careful with this fateful fruit - although a little bit of paradise can't hurt, can it?

Thanks to the active ingredient piperidine, the pomegranate is also said to have a stimulating effect.

6. Ginger

Thanks to the gingerols, ginger has the power to literally heat you up and promote blood circulation.. After all, we wouldn't want you shivering from being cold, so why not try these recipes with our spicy Golden Mellow Mix.

Orange, Carrot & Ginger Smoothie

Golden Milk Latte

7. Avocado

If you look at an avocado with an ambiguous eye, the shape can already remind you of certain male genitals. No wonder it was already used by the Aztecs and Incas as a symbol of energy and as a natural sexual performance enhancer (would this be considered doping in the bedroom?). Whether the consumption of avocados really increased potency and led to many love-filled nights will remain a secret. What we do know, however, is that a creamy avocado, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and various vitamins, can refine almost any dish.

Some Final Tips to Boost Libido

The aphrodisiac effects of certain plants may not be scientifically proven in most cases, but they are still worth trying. There are few things in this world that we associate with emotions and memories as much as food. Whether it's experiences with friends, partners, family or ourselves. If we remember a particularly beautiful or even erotic experience thanks to a scent or taste, that speaks for itself. After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach.


Even though we are big fans of aphrodisiac foods, they come hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. Nothing threatens libido like mental fatigue, tiredness, stress or an unhealthy diet, which can affect your hormone balance. So here are 4 additional tips to help you feel better in your everyday life:

  • A balanced plant-based diet
  • Sufficient and regular exercise
  • Get enough sleep
  • Mental Self-Care Practices


Even if you can only make a habit of one of these suggestions, start your year happy and healthier for even more success with aphrodisiac foods on Valentine's Day or whenever it matters!