How to Give the Gift of Time: Ideas for Giving Quality Time

What do we all wish for, but few have? Time! Here are 10 ideas on how you can make someone the special gift of time.

Giving the Gift of Time

"Ah, I'd love to do something like that, but unfortunately I don't have the time". How often have you heard this sentence from someone or said it yourself? And the older you get, the more you "run out of time".
Nowadays, it's not men in grey suits who steal our time like in "Momo", but the ringing mobile phone, never-ending message threads, notifications and social media updates. That's why it's such a special treat to give your loved ones the gift of quality time. Here's how you can give the gift of time in a meaningful way!

Why should you give the gift of time?

Many of us already have all the material things we need, which is why gifts of time are especially precious. Often we receive gifts that we don't really want or that we don't like. Over the years, most of us accumulate loads of things that we would never have bought for ourselves (and which we then quickly discard, Marie Kondo-style).

A gift of time, on the other hand, is more valuable and also more meaningful. Not only do you save money and resources, but you also give your friends something unique. The moment. Especially in a time when everyone lives and works only for the future, the here and now is particularly precious. You can adapt the gift to the person you are giving it to and be sure that it is not yet there.

How you want to give time is entirely up to you. Of course, the gift of time is not taken out of the air, but comes from you. Either you give a person so-called "quality time", in which you do something special together, or you give time back to a person by taking over everyday tasks or supporting them in particularly time-intensive tasks.

Depending on how much "time" you would like to spend, we have collected a few ideas for you here.

How much time do you want to give? Ideas for time gifts

1-2 Hours Quality Time

  • (Grocery) Shopping for your neighbour
  • Mowing the lawn/trimming trees
  • Repairing a friend’s bike

3-4 Hours Quality Time

  • Helping around the house: Tidying up, cleaning, sorting out - all the seemingly small things, but they pile up. So crank up your favourite playlist and get going!
  • Story Time: Whether big or small, being read to reminds us of our childhood, is relaxing and more personal than listening to a podcast by yourself!
  • (Virtual) Smoothie Tasting: Works even if you can't see each other in person. Just buy the same ingredients and mix up different smoothie creations to try together. Check out our 6 step guide to smoothies and then get blending!

½ Day Quality Time

  • Movie Night: Watch one (or more) films together! We have collected the most inspiring documentaries in case you are still looking for inspiration. Otherwise, of course, the snacks can't be missing. Make sure you have something to munch on with this superfood popcorn or our superfood crackers!
  • Skill Session: Teach someone something they've always wanted to learn. Maybe it's a language you speak, how to fix a flat tire, knit yourself a scarf or eat according to Ayurvedia - (skill) sharing is caring!

1 Day Quality Time

  • Go on a guided hike (by you?), e.g. mushroom picking or bird watching
  • Visit a museum: especially suitable on days when it is cold outside and dark early!
  • Renovation or Upcycling Project: that chair you've always wanted to paint or that room that needs decorating? Now is the perfect time and with mutual motivation and inspiration, the project is even more fun!
  • Spa Day: screen off, phone away and oooooooohm. Help another person switch off/off by getting everything ready for an At Home Spa Day. Make each other natural face masks, try relaxing yoga and write each other a list of positive attributes of the other person. 
Spa Day

1 Weekend Quality Time

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Written by: Rebecca Höfer

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