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Welcome to Your Summer of Gut Vibes Only

Embrace your daily dose of gut vibes with our community Gut Vibes Only Commitment!

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This month, we’re prioritizing our gut health and committing to feeling our best.

How? By using Gut Restore or Grateful Gut (or both) once a day! That’s it—because small steps can make the biggest impact.

Stick with our gut vibes commitment, and you could win a FREE year’s subscription to your favorite Your Super gut health blend.

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Here's How You Enter

Step 1: Post a photo or video on Instagram or TikTok of your Gut Vibes Only Commitment using Your Super gut health products

Step 2: Tag @yoursuperfoods & use hashtag #GutVibesOnly

POV: Starting my day with a Grateful Gut Gut Restore on a striped table cloth Woman smiling and holding a Gut Feeling Woman making a Gut Restore drink

Get To Know Our Gut Health Bundle

Gut Health Bundle

Gut Health Bundle
  • ✔ Support Your Gut Health with Superfoods - Not Supplements
  • ✔ Results In Smoother, More Comfortable Digestion, Improved Focus & More Balanced Energy
  • ✔ Easy to Use - Just Mix with Water
  • ✔ 100% Natural - No Sweeteners, Fillers, or Gums

Gut Health Subscription

Gut Health Bundle
  • ✔ Save 15% & never run out
  • ✔ Pause or cancel at any time
  • ✔ Ships FREE every 4, 8 or 12 weeks