Hot Chocolate for Glowing Skin

Warm yourself up and treat your skin to a spa-day all at the same time with this Plant Collagen hot chocolate.

hot chocolate with plant collagen

Hot chocolate is a winter’s favourite: its rich cacao taste, its comforting warmth, the many memories of cosy afternoons spent with your loved ones as a child… But as an adult, you are aware of the hot chocolate cons. It may be delicious, but more than often, it is filled with artificial flavours and refined sugar, infamous for their effects on the skin.


This is where this hot chocolate with Plant Collagen comes into play: thanks to the natural and organic ingredients it contains, you will be able to enjoy your wintery hot chocolate without any guilt - or skin breakouts.


With only a spoonful of Plant Collagen Mix, you will nourish your skin from within with powerful essential vitamins that will support your body’s natural collagen production. Add to that some Magic Mushroom Mix, and your hot chocolate will not only have a delicious and rich cacao taste, it will also help you calm down and relax thanks to the functional mushrooms it contains.


Who says hot chocolate has to be unhealthy?

The Recipe: Hot Chocolate for Glowing Skin



  1. Heat plant-based milk in a pot.
  2. Take off heat and whisk in remaining ingredients.
  3. Pour into a mug and enjoy!

Products Used

Plant Collagen

Plant Collagen

Latte mix with skin foods to support your glow