Chocolate & Coffee Mochaccino

An indulging and healthy chocolate & coffee (alternative) mochaccino to warm you up wherever you go.


Picture this scene: you are walking around in your city, maybe to grab your lunch or go back home after a long day at work. The weather is not the warmest, in fact, it’s a bit windy; only a few meters away from you is your favourite coffee shop, where the drinks are always deliciously warming and the atmosphere comforting. You enter and have one more glance at the board, already knowing which drink you’ll order. A drink you love for many reasons: it will warm up your body, soothe your soul and give yourself a bit of joy when the chocolate taste hits your tongue.

This is exactly how this chocolate & coffee mochaccino will make you feel. But that’s not all: with every great cup of coffee comes an energy rush that unavoidably concludes in a sudden crash. You’ll be able to avoid all of that with this recipe, as it does not contain coffee, but rather a coffee alternative with slow-releasing caffeine, for long-lasting balanced energy.

Super Brew is THE mix to reduce one’s caffeine intake: this superfood coffee substitute is low in caffeine (only 23 mg per serving!) and will keep you energised and focused. It is possible thanks to the L-theanine, a black tea component that slowly and progressively releases caffeine in the bloodstream, thus providing steady energy.

Add to that Magic Mushroom, a chocolate mix to indulge in rich cacao aromas without any guilt, and you got the perfect combination for cosy afternoons. Magic Mushroom also contains reishi and chaga, functional mushrooms that will help you calm down and relax naturally thanks to their supportive properties to the nervous system.

Chocolate & Coffee Mochaccino Recipe



  1. In a small pot, heat the milk, the water, and the maple syrup (if using). Stir to combine.
  2. Turn off the heat and whisk in the Super Brew and Magic Mushroom mixes.
  3. Pour into a mug and enjoy


💚 Super Tip: For a creamier latte, add 2 tsp of Plant Collagen!

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