Beetroot & Berry Smoothie Recipe

Treat your skin to a spa day with this antioxidant and vitamin C-rich beetroot & berry smoothie. 


Beetroot Berry Smoothie


No need to look much further than your local farmer’s market to find superfood with many health benefits : the native beetroot does just fine at nourishing your skin from within! But what can the beetroot do for you? Well, first of all, it is a natural source of nitrates, a particle supporting the relaxation of blood vessels and thus improving the circulation of oxygen in the bloodstream; this makes the beetroot especially popular amongst endurance athletes. This powerful root vegetable is also full of vitamins B and betaine, which contribute to the lowering of cholesterol levels and promote liver health.

Despite all these amazing benefits, you don’t often find beetroots on the menu - for many, the taste is simply too earthy or bitter.

The secret to enjoy the beetroot’s many benefits without suffering from its strong flavour? Grab your blender and turn it into a smoothie!

By combining the beetroot with some sweeter fruits, you will end up with a delicious and fresh beetroot smoothie, minus the harsh earthiness. Which is exactly why we created this beetroot and berry smoothie recipe.

While the banana and mixed berries will give the smoothie a creamy texture and a sweeter taste, the Forever Beautiful mix will load it with 6 powerful superfoods to nourish your skin from within. Its secret: beauty berries naturally rich in antioxidants (such as the acai berry or the maqui berry), vitamin C (the acerola cherries contain 23 times more vitamin C than oranges!) and omega 3 fatty acids (thanks to the tiny but mighty chia seeds).

Last but not least, a serving of Forever Beautiful covers your daily nutritional needs in vitamin C!

Take care of your skin in the most delicious way with this yummy and easy smoothie.


💚 Super tip: this smoothie recipe is Detox-approved!


Beetroot & Berry Smoothie Recipe


  • 1-2 tsp Forever Beautiful mix 
  • 1 (frozen) banana 
  • 1 raw beetroot, peeled 
  • 50g frozen berries
  • 240ml (coconut) water 


  1. Place all of the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into a glass and enjoy!