What does a Healthy Lifestyle Mean? 5 Healthy Habits for Everyday

A healthy lifestyle can mean so many things - unfortunately, the diet culture always focuses on abstinence and starvation. Read here how to create your own healthy lifestyle every day with simple habits.

Aurore Vallon Apr 04, 2022
What does a Healthy Lifestyle Mean? 5 Healthy Habits for Everyday

When we hear the words "healthy lifestyle", many of us automatically think of healthy food, lots of exercise, and rigid daily routines. Nowadays our views on health and a healthy lifestyle have been heavily influenced and formed by advertising, which often (very successfully) persuades us that we are missing just that one magic potion, juice, pill, or special gadget to live a truly healthy life. But what does "health" really mean? What does "healthy" feel like to you?

5 rituals for a healthy lifestyle

1. De-stress

Numerous studies have proven that stress really does make you sick. What may start out as exhaustion or a bad mood can degenerate into stomach aches, constipation and other medical conditions. To counteract this chronic stress, you should incorporate small de-stress rituals every day. Be it a short meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, a warm latte or yoga. Yoga teacher and mindfulness coach Nina gives you more relaxation tips for everyday life.

2. Exercise

Healthy doesn't necessarily mean 2 hours of weight training 3 times a week or intense jogging sessions (although for some that's part of it). However, a healthy lifestyle always includes some form of exercise, be it yoga, stretching or a walk. Always remember: it's about finding a form of exercise that you want to incorporate into your daily routine for the long term (which doesn't mean you can't always try something new, of course!). Find out more about micro workouts - the new fitness trend that only takes a few minutes a day!

3. Plant-based meal(s)

It's not just your abs that benefit from a balanced diet, it's your whole body! The easiest way to eat healthy is to focus on plant-based meals. Your meals should be largely made up of foods that don't need a nutrition label, but are 100% natural (so like the Your Super superfood mixes!). If you're not sure how to get started, give a go at the Detox Bundle. It comes with a nutrition plan and the right superfoods, so all you have to do is fire up the blender and bam - you can serve up healthy meals at home.

4. Drink water

Your body is 70% water, so drinking enough is a big part of keeping all the complex body processes working well. Mind you, we mean drinking water (and there are now delicious non-alcoholic alternatives to your favourite drinks, as this mocktail recipes prove). However, you can also "eat" your water, as there are fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water, such as good old watermelon or cucumber. If pure water is too bland for you, we recommend spicing it up with fruits or even superfood powders. How about a fruity spa water or a refreshing green lemonade?

5. Offline time

A particularly underestimated point, but one that makes a decisive difference for a healthy lifestyle, especially in times of home offices and the like: spending time offline. A digital detox helps your reset your mind, as you consciously do without any technical devices. This not only lowers your stress level, but also prevents you from falling prey to the reel page on Instagram and improves your sleep! So just keep yourself busy in a classic analogue way (yes, it works!). You can find out how this works successfully and what can help you switch off here.

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A healthy lifestyle can mean different things to different people: what it means to our colleagues

When do you feel your healthiest self?

  • “Definitely during a run! I know it's not for everyone, but when I'm running I can just totally clear my head and focus completely on my body. That helps immensely, especially when I'm sitting in my home office all day.”
  • “It might sound like a cliché, but I feel really healthy when I eat healthy and sugar-free food. And by healthy, I mean lots of colourful fruit and vegetables. It puts me in a good mood even on the gloomy Berlin winter days and I immediately feel my body breathing a sigh of relief.”
  • “For me, healthy means above all when I'm happy and satisfied with myself and my body feels good.” 
  • “I feel healthiest when I am full of energy. Then I just know that my body is doing well and I have the power to do everything I want and need to do throughout the day.”
  • “Without a doubt, when I have lots of energy and a clear, focussed mind. Then I'm really in productivity mode and nothing can stop me.“
  • “So simple, but so effective: right after a shower. I feel refreshed and somehow as if I can start again now.”
  • “I feel healthiest especially after or during exercise. This can be a run, a yoga session, or simply a walk. Preferably in the fresh air!” 
  • “When I have a good training program which means for me that I'm pushing myself, but at the same time also give my body enough time to recover!”

What's one thing you do every day to feel healthy?

  • “Go for a run”
  • “A big, colourful salad for lunch, I look forward to that every day!”
  • “My morning routine: Gut Feeling + Super Green Shot, then some form of movement, shower, breakfast.”
  • “Drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day”
  • “Drink herbal tea”
  • “I stretch, journal, go for a walk, eat well, read”
  • “Go for a walk”
  • “Walk and drink lots of water”


"Healthy" can look different for each and every one. 

It is about feeling good in your body, e.g. through a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and exercise.

You should adapt the particular routines and rituals that make you feel healthiest to your preferences and see others' healthy lifestyles more as inspiration.

It's more of a marathon than a sprint! Listen to your body, find out what you need, and don't be afraid to try different things/change your routine!

Your "healthy" is enough: don't let anyone tell you that you need something

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