Digital Detox: Tips for your Time Offline

When you think of detox, do you automatically think of food? 2020 taught many of us that it's not just poor nutrition that can cause stress. The time we spend in front of our screens can be just as stressful.

Rebecca Höfer Apr 11, 2022
Digital Detox: Tips for your time offline

Between all the work in the home office, the online yoga classes, video calls with our families, the many Instagram posts and Netflix series, there is hardly any time left to switch off and shut down.

The result? Sleepless nights, headaches and red eyes. So it's all the more important to find some offline relaxation. How to do that, you ask? We reveal the most important tips for a digital detox!

Why should you do a digital detox? What the research suggests

The Netflix movie is on and you're chatting with friends on the side? A quick snack break in your home office in your home office   whilst working remotely and you quickly checking the latest news? Neuroscientists do not consider media consumption per se to be harmful per se, but the brain needs rest periods to process information and impressions and to form new cognitive connections (neural pathways) and delete useless ones. However, if we are constantly get retrieve new information from our smartphone or laptop, the brain cannot properly regenerate. It is under constant tension - and stress.

The constant jumping back and forth between different tasks can decrease depth of work and enjoyment. These are essential in order to be able to complete tasks properly - and to be able to enjoy rest breaks. So multitasking actually lowers productivity!

Do you need a digital detox? 4 signs that you do should take some time off(line)

  1. You have trouble concentrating
  2. You have trouble sleeping
  3. You feel unbalanced and irritable
  4. You're constantly reaching for your smartphone (even when you haven't received any messages)


If you feel caught, don't worry — you're not alone. Millions of people struggle with too much screen time every single day. Luckily, there are tips and tricks that can help you reduce screen time so you can improve sleep, boost energy, and sharpen focus.

5 Tips for your successful digital detox

1. Set up smartphone-free time

Don't get distracted by the constant vibrating and ringing of new urgent messages. Set quiet times on your phone, for example, between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. For an extra challenge, try turning off your smartphone completely over the weekend.

2. Switch on flight mode

Even when you're not traveling by air, it's good to simply turn off your phone's online connection. Try disconnecting for a few hours on Sunday morning. If you enjoy your "disconnected time, add a few more hours the next Sunday.

3. Create screen-free places

e.g. in bed (for restful sleep) or at the dining table (for more mindfulness and better digestion!).

4. Find offline hobbies

Whether it's knitting, crocheting, yoga, reading, making music, or painting... discover a forgotten hobby or learn something new!

5. Experiment in the kitchen

Got a recipe you've always wanted to try? Do something good for yourself and your body and try new recipes or develop creative variations of your favorite dishes! Are you lacking inspiration? Then check out our recipe blog (within your screen time of course 😉)!