Top Tips to Lose that Extra Weight for Good

Apr 05, 2022
tips to lose weight for good

Weight loss. It’s a dreadful topic and drove many to desperation. There’s just so much information out there and everybody seems to have THE answer - I know, it’s a lot to handle. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Yes, exercise is important and you have to move your body to be healthy, but what really makes the difference is what you put into your body. And no, you don’t have to give up your favourite foods forever and spend hours and hours on the treadmill.

These are my top 3 tips on how to lose weight by eating the right foods. Eating AND losing weight at the same time? Yes, that’s right!


1. Fuel up on micronutrients

We often still get cravings and are hungry, even though we ate enough calories. Why, you might ask? That may happen when you don’t eat enough nutrients, so your body is asking for more nutrition to meet the requirements of vitamins and minerals. Always make sure to include foods rich in micronutrients, that’ll give your body the essentials to function properly and thrive.

2. Eat your protein

Adding protein powder to your breakfast will keep you full longer, help you snack less and you’re likely to consume on average 400 calories less during the day. Protein also helps you lose more fat instead of muscle tissue - which is definitely a bonus. We don’t want to lose the muscles we’ve worked so hard for at the gym, do we? Plant protein is preferred over whey protein as it is easier to digest, it is non-toxic and contains micronutrients that aid in protein absorption.

3. Speed up your metabolism

You can increase your metabolism and amp up fat-burning by including foods rich in Omega 3, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, A, B, C & D. Additionally, natural caffeine (like in guarana or matcha) will boost your metabolic rate, resulting in more fat-loss.

The lean protein to help you maintain a normal weight

Eating the right foods and providing your body with the essential micro- and macronutrients is beneficial for losing weight. That's what inspired us to create the Skinny Protein mix as part of our functional superfood mixes.

It's the perfect combination of plant-based proteins and nutrient-dense green superfoods. The mix is also low in carbs and contains all essential amino acids!

Together with experienced orthomolecular nutritionists, we decided to combine pea protein, hemp protein, moringa, spirulina and alfalfa powder in 1 powerful mix - only the best nature has to offer, nothing else!