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What does a healthy lifestyle mean (to you)? 8 views on living healthily

We asked 8 people what a healthy lifestyle means to them. Their answers might surprise and inspire you!

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When we hear the words "healthy lifestyle", many of us automatically think of healthy food, lots of exercise, and rigid daily routines. Nowadays our views on health and a healthy lifestyle have been heavily influenced and formed by advertising, which often (very successfully) persuades us that we are missing just that one magic potion, juice, pill, or special gadget to live a truly healthy life. But what does "health" really mean? What does "healthy" feel like to you?


That's exactly what we wanted to know from 8 staffers at Your Super. Here are their inspiring answers.

A healthy lifestyle can mean different things to different people

When do you feel your healthiest self?

  • “Definitely during a run! I know it's not for everyone, but when I'm running I can just totally clear my head and focus completely on my body. That helps immensely, especially when I'm sitting in my home office all day.”
  • “It might sound like a cliché, but I feel really healthy when I eat healthy and sugar-free food. And by healthy, I mean lots of colourful fruit and vegetables. It puts me in a good mood even on the gloomy Berlin winter days and I immediately feel my body breathing a sigh of relief.”
  • “For me, healthy means above all when I'm happy and satisfied with myself and my body feels good.”
  • “I feel healthiest when I am full of energy. Then I just know that my body is doing well and I have the power to do everything I want and need to do throughout the day.”
  • “Without a doubt, when I have lots of energy and a clear, focussed mind. Then I'm really in productivity mode and nothing can stop me.“
  • “So simple, but so effective: right after a shower. I feel refreshed and somehow as if I can start again now.”
  • “I feel healthiest especially after or during exercise. This can be a run, a yoga session, or simply a walk. Preferably in the fresh air!”
  • “When I have a good training program which means for me that I'm pushing myself, but at the same time also give my body enough time to recover!”

Take away:

→ Exercise

→ Feeling the body

→ Plant-based nutrition

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What's one thing you do every day to feel healthy?

  • “Go for a run”
  • “A big, colourful salad for lunch, I look forward to that every day!”
  • “My morning routine: Gut Feeling + Super Green Shot, then some form of movement, shower, breakfast.”
  • “Drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day”
  • “Drink herbal tea”
  • “I stretch, journal, go for a walk, eat well, read”
  • “Go for a walk”
  • “Walk and drink lots of water”

Take away:

→ An exercise routine, whether running or walking.

→ Drink enough

→ A plant-based diet

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Do you get inspired by "health tips/inspo" on social media?

  • "When I'm on social media, I mostly get tips from ads that are shown to me. But I also follow people I like to get inspiration from."
  • "I follow an influencer on Instagram who posts healthy salad inspiration/recipes every day. Sometimes, though, I'd rather just old school recreate recipes from a cookbook and not have to rely on social media for it."
  • "I use Instagram to look at educational content on health/wellness for example. So professional and well researched, otherwise I'd rather not."
  • "Not so much."

Take away:

→ Use Social Media as a tool to get inspired but not to copy someone else’s habits/routines

What is one thing that stops you, or has stopped you in the past, from feeling healthy?  

  • "Going on a diet. That's when I felt really unhealthy because it was just so unnatural and especially not good for my body."
  • "Eating too much junk food. Yes, it is sometimes necessary and then also healthy, but just in the right balance and there I just have to listen to my body more"
  • "Falling into any "old habits" - be it dissatisfaction with my body, dieting, not drinking enough..."
  • "Especially when you live in a big city, I think pollution is a huge issue. You notice immediately when the air is full of car exhaust fumes that your body simply feels unhealthy. And with that comes stress. When I'm stressed, I feel unhealthy or I can't focus on what I need to be healthy and take care of my body. Self-care or cooking for myself then, unfortunately, comes up short."
  • "Not being outside at least once a day! I think it's so important to leave your own four walls, get some fresh air and go out into nature. It makes me feel healthier straight away."
  • "Nothing is worse for me than lack of sleep. I immediately feel when I'm restless or haven't slept much. Then my mood is already in the basement in the morning, I have a headache and don't feel refreshed. That's when you realise again and again how important regeneration during sleep is for the body!"
  • “When I can't go outside for my walk. Maybe it's because of the bad weather, if I'm tired and listless, or if I'm not feeling well mentally. Yet this is so important for me.”
  • “Not having a routine: It makes me feel somehow groundless. I don't have to rigorously plan the whole day, but I have a few "must-haves" so that I can feel healthy and if I don't do them (e.g. go for a walk), it has a direct negative effect.”

Take away:

Diets can often involve unhealthy eating behaviours

→ A healthy environment is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle: nature walks, for example, are a great way to reconnect body and mind

→ Stress can prevent you from feeling healthy

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  • "Healthy" can look different for each and every one.
  • It is about feeling good in your body, e.g. through a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and exercise.
  • You should adapt the particular routines and rituals that make you feel healthiest to your preferences and see others' healthy lifestyles more as inspiration.
  • It's more of a marathon than a sprint! Listen to your body, find out what you need, and don't be afraid to try different things/change your routine!
  • Your "healthy" is enough: don't let anyone tell you that you need something

Text: Rebecca Höfer

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