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Your Super customer Jess Lewis shares her incredible story of using Your Super mixes during her 6 month stay in Antarctica. She also shares her tips on how to empower yourself during self-isolation or quarantine.

Hello World,


I am greeting you from my home in Colorado where I am currently practicing self-love and also social distancing. These are some odd times we live in so I want to write a love letter to you all and throw in a few ideas on how to make your days feel vibrant and full as we all adjust to this new way of being.

I spent the last six months down in Antarctica and, as it turns out, that time really prepared me for the current situation. There are two big things I learned from that experience that I am bringing into this time of self-isolation. The first is this: for many of us it is extremely difficult to feel powerless over a situation. All of us are feeling this right now. We want to be able to continue with our normal lives. We want to be able to fix the virus. We want to take action. The problem is, we can’t. Not right now. And that feeling is one that many people have never had to grapple with before. It can feel very disempowering and it is easy to shift into a feeling of listlessness and apathy. I encourage each of you to not go there.

In Antarctica I spent three months traversing the continent in a tractor and I spent weeks stuck in my tent due to raging snowstorms and violent winds. It was agonizing until I figured out that I wasn’t completely powerless. Through a series of trial and error I learned how to wait and I learned how to establish control over my life and how I felt even though I couldn’t actually control the overarching situation. You can do the same. Here is how.


Make a list of things that you do still have control over in your life – exercise, how/when/what you eat, how you interact with those around you, what you choose to fill your time with, when you sleep, how you support your community – and then set intentions around those things. The best goals are simple, clearly defined, and attainable. Now probably isn’t the moment to start an epic workout regimen but perhaps continue with a daily yoga practice. Make the goal to reach out to one friend or family member every day (we are all feeling lonely) etc.

What I really want to talk to you all about however is food. One of my saving graces in Antarctica was having the Your Super’s Super Green mix with me. I was feeling undernourished in so many ways down on the ice, socially, physically, emotionally and I was really struggling. One of the things I realized I could take control over was my food. I began to be very intentional about the nourishment I was giving my body and the Super Green mix became the centerpiece of my meals.


Food in Antarctica involves a lot of canned goods and frozen food - sound familiar? And it lacked a lot of essential nutrients. The moment I began to start my day with a smoothie of the Super Green I instantly felt better. I was more awake mentally and felt more vibrant physically. It was a huge shift in how I felt and it was such a small and simple action to take. All of you can do the same. You really can.


Too often we as humans feel like change has to come from these big sweeping and epic gestures. What I’ve found is that change actually occurs through small manageable goals. Feeling out of control and overwhelmed right now? Take control of your daily nourishment. For me that means a daily dose of goodness from Your Super. What does it mean to you?


As we continue to isolate ourselves remember that you are not alone. We are in this together. We are in it with our world. Go find something that makes you feel still and inspires you today. We are surrounded by beauty.We are all still here supporting one another even if we can’t hold each other today. It is okay to be still. It is okay to be socially distant. But don’t confuse that with being alone.


All my love,



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