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Recipes with whole foods to support your gut health

A recipe round-up to make your belly happy with delicious whole foods dishes!

Bye-bye bloating, hello diverse and healthy gut microbiome!


An unhealthy gut might be the reason you feel uneasy after a meal, you have cravings in the afternoon, or you suffer all kinds of issues in the restroom. But don't worry, there are easy ways to take care of your gut (and they won't take more than a few minutes a day).


These recipes are all devilishly easy to prepare and a pleasure to taste, but their high fibre and micronutrient content is truly what makes them stand out. What better than whole foods and prebiotics to feed your microbiome and support its diversity and health?

5 recipes to support your gut health

Note: while these recipes will help you feed your microbiome and support a healthy gut, they do not replace the advice and medications provided by your doctor. If you suffer from more severe gut imbalance symptoms, please make sure to consult your general practitioner.

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