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Comfort and Joy Bundle

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Improve your health while enjoying all the holiday season has to offer with the Comfort and Joy Bundle! Includes a free recipe e-book to help you eat, drink, and be healthy all season long! 


Sip on superfoods and stay cozy with the bundle built to bring you comfort and joy! Keep up your healthy habit throughout the holidays with four mixes that can be used to wind down from holiday stress or stay energized for all the festivities



  • 📝 Boosts your energy— perfect for tackling your long to-do list.
  • 😎 Reduces stress and anxiety— so you’re no Grinch!
  • 🌟Strengthens your immunity—great for cold and flu season.
  • ❄️ Supports skin health— goodbye dry, winter skin.



✓ 4 powerful superfood mixes:

  • 🍵POWER MATCHA for natural caffeine and brain-boosting superfoods
  • 🍄 MAGIC MUSHROOM to support your immunity system 
  • ⚡️ GOLDEN MELLOW reduces stress and fights inflammation 
  • 🌿 PLANT COLLAGEN to naturally boost your collagen and hydrate skin 

✓ A e-book filled with 15 easy-to-make recipes that are designed to help you get your daily dose of superfoods. 


✓ Your Super mug


✓ Your Super Cookbook


This Bundle is valued at €178.30, but for a limited time you can get it for  €139.90! You also get our 30-day, risk-free, money back guarantee.


USDA Organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free, 100% Plant Based, No Additives, Dairy Free, Soy Free, No Sweeteners

Sip on superfoods and stay cozy

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