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Functional Latte Powders

Some like it hot - some prefer it on the rocks. No matter how you like your latte, these Superfood Latte Powders will take your moment of pleasure to the next level. Unlike other instant latte mixes, Your Super's superfood latte powders don't contain added sugar, syrup or dairy. Simply add to plant-based milk. Stir. That's it!

Whether it's a Golden Milk, Matcha Latte, Vanilla Latte, Ayurveda Latte, Creamy Lupin Coffee or a simple Cocoa: with these latte mixes you can try out a new barista creation every morning. Combine the latte mixes according to your taste and individual needs - there are no limits to your creativity! Latte tip: For extra creamy enjoyment, simply use a milk frother. 



The perfect start into a productive day 

Creamy superfood coffee with Super Brew

Matcha Latte with Power Matcha


Beauty Latte

For inner balance and a radiant complexion 

Pink Latte with Moon Balance


Wind Down

For a moment of calm in the evening 

Golden Milk with Golden Mellow

Chocolate Latte with Magic Mushroom

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