The only coffee alternative you need: Super Brew The only coffee alternative you need: Super Brew



Whenever we serve these little goodies, they're gone in a few heart beats. Everyone loves our Power Matcha Balls! The best thing about them is that they're super easy to make and also really healthy! What better alternative to regular cookies full of precessed junk can you imagine?



    • Blend the coconut flakes with dates, Power Matcha Mix and maple syrup
    • Form them into little balls
    • Put them in the freezer for a few hours until they become hard.
    • Melt the coconut oil on very low heat and stir in the Chocolate Lover Mix.
    • Now roll your Power Matcha Balls in the chocolate
    • Put everything in the fridge and serve whenever you feel like having a guilt free healthy treat.
    • Enjoy!

    This is only one way to use our superfood mixes. As you can see it's super easy to get creative to them and to make your everyday life a little bit more healthy.

    Much love, happiness and healthy vibes,

    Melina x

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