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Besides fueling yourself for an energized day ahead, breakfast is also a great opportunity to nourish your body with essential micro- and macronutrients and keep snack-attacks at bay (when done the right way!).

Here are some of our favorite breakfast ideas to help you pack in the superfoods, feel your best, and curb your cravings. 

Besides, all these recipes are absolutely delicious (and meet the winter comfort-food-criteria), while being good for you - hell yes!

Let's dive into the recipes:

1. Chocolate Almond Porridge
Creamy, chocolatey, rich, warm - what else could you possibly want from your breakfast?

2. Pumpkin Spice Pancakes
Yes, we’re obsessed with everything pumpkin at the moment! These make for the perfect weekend breakfast (and are packed with protein and fiber, too!).

3. Carrot Cake Protein Porridge
Yes, I had to include a second porridge recipe because this is simply one of my all-time favorites. You have to give it a go!

4. Chocolate Shake
Perfect for all Chocolate Lovers! Filling, creamy and delicious. Tip: Add some gingerbread spice to make it even more winter-approved!

What do you like to have for breakfast to start the day right when it's super cold and dark outside?

healthy breakfast recipes

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