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Caro Hat Endlich Den Ganzen Tag Energie

Do you feel tired all the time and can’t focus at work? Then this review might be interesting for you. And if you think you can’t live without coffee… well, Caro thought that, too - until she fell in love with the Power Matcha Mix. More productivity, energy and a boost of green superfoods? Read on Caro’s experience…

"I used to love my coffee in the mornings. For me, every cup of coffee was really a highlight, but I didn't feel the caffeine anymore... my body got used to it. I couldn’t focus at work and felt tired a lot. It was time to find a healthier and more effective alternative.

When I stumbled across the Power Matcha Mix I was skeptical... could this bright green powder really substitute my beloved coffee?

The taste is different and not really comparable with coffee, but I actually really like the mildly sweet, leafy green tea flavour of the mix.  

After having my coffee I always felt tired and worn out again after a short time... and needed another one. That doesn't really happen with the Power Matcha Mix! It also boosts my productivity levels at work and I feel energized throughout the day."

Did you know that the natural occurring caffeine in matcha is released slowly in your body - and therefore it gives you the ability to focus and be productive over an extended period of up to 6 hours even though it contains one third of the amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee? YES! #teammatcha

"I also like that the mix contains a lot of healthy green superfoods - definitely a bonus!"

Because the mix also contains various green superfoods besides matcha - like wheatgrass, barley grass, moringa and the peruvian root maca - it does not only provide your body with lots of energy, but also nourishes it with valuable micronutrients!

"I still enjoy a coffee here and there, because I enjoy the taste - but I rely on my Power Matcha Lattes in the mornings! I love them!"

Give Caro's favourite Power Matcha Latte recipe a go and convince yourself!

More Energy Naturally


  • 5g Power Matcha Mix
  • 50g cashews
  • 5 dates
  • 150ml hot water
  • 150ml room temperature water


  • Blend all ingredients in a highspeed-blender until creamy.
  • Pour into a mug.
  • Enjoy!

Power Matcha Mix Profile

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