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Muscle Power Protein

Most people think that the use of protein powder is limited to postworkout shakes  but it is actually super versatile! The options to use it are endless: in treats, snacks, dips, baking, oatmeal... the list goes on. We'll prove it to you by sharing our 5 favourite recipes including our Muscle Power Mix and not one recipe will be a Protein Shake or Smoothie (although we do like to keep things that simple sometimes, too! :P). Here we go:


1. Banana Bread: Yes, you can totally bake with Protein Powder! It will not only result in super delicious and fluffy banana bread, but also provide you with some extra protein, that will keep you full and replenish your tired muscles after your workout.

2. Ice CreamWe all scream for ice cream! And we scream the loudest for Chocolate Protein Ice Cream – because why not upgrading your treat without sacrificing taste? The best thing: It's whipped up and ready to eat in 3 minutes! Ready, steady, gooo!

3. Pancakes: You want to indulge in something delicious on your weekend brunch, but not go overboard? Then these pancakes are for you. Clean ingredients, simple, vegan, gluten-free, high in protein and delicious. What more can you ask from a pancake? It simply doesn't get better.

4. Granola Bars: Make a batch of these in advance and keep them nearby to avoid afternoon junk food cravings or to have a delicious snack with you at any time. They will provide you with energy, satisfy your cravings and are simply delicious.

5. HummusGive your veggie dip an upgrade! Hummus is already high in protein thanks to the chickpeas, but with our Muscle Power Mix you're giving it that extra oomph.

 SUPER TIP: If you like it green and lean, use the Skinny Protein Mix instead!

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