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top 5 instagrammer
I just love Instagram! There are sooo many inspiring accounts on there, for healthy recipes, fitness, travelling, fair fashion - everything! But at the same time the wide range of choice can be intimidating and confusing sometimes... that's why I've put together my favourite foodbloggers for you. These ladies are creative, super nice and yes - a big inspiration! :)

1. The lovely Anja from @xanjuschx is such a nice and inspiring girl! She talks a lot about her experiences with eating disorders which helps many young girls overcome these terrible illnesses. Besides the fact that she's simply awesome and a great idol, her food-photos are mouthwatering  (especially the breakfast bowls...mhhh!) :D


2. Anna Maria's Instagram page (@all.you.need.is.plants) is super colourful and packed with yummy and healthy recipe ideas - and she definitely shares my love for oatmeal! And you guys know... I'm a sucker for oatmeal...


3. Tanith from the account @sheloveseating got me with her name already - she loves eating (and so do I hehehe) and you can really tell from her amazing page! Soo many beautiful creations, that leave you drooling on your display. Whenever I feel like I have no idea what to eat or cook... I just take a look at Tanith's instagram and feel inspired right away! 

4. Moeko from the account @mmmoky has the dreamiest feed ever. Her photos are simply beautiful - I could spend hours scrolling on her page. Her creations are amazing, especially everything with chocolate - a paradise for Chocolate Lovers like me!

5. Clémentine from @clemfoodie is so creative - it blows me away everytime! From sweet to savoury - there's something for everyone. Take a look at her page and give her a follow... you will not regret it!


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