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nourishing foods

Did you know 8 out of 10 people don't consume enough vitamins and minerals on a daily basis?
 And that can make you tired, sluggish and possibly sick...

We all know that eating a diet with loads of whole foods (hello vitamins and minerals!) is crucial for optimal health. But sometimes life just gets in the way!

That’s what inspired us to create 7 functional superfood & protein mixes with the help of holistic nutritionists to make a healthy eating easier for you - every single day!

They’re all natural, vegan, gluten-free, naturally dried to sustain as many nutrients as possible and made with minimal, high-quality ingredients - no additives allowed! By adding a teaspoon to your meals you can easily sneak in some extra micronutrients!

These are my favorite ways to use the mixes:

Super easy - I simply add a spoonful of any mix into my daily smoothie and sip away! Definitely takes the smoothie to a whole new level!

I love starting the day with a healthy breakfast and it’s so easy to simply pop in a teaspoon of the mixes in my oatmeal, muesli or coconut yogurt for extra nutrients!

I love adding the superfood mixes in my snacks, for example in bliss balls, hummus and fruit salad!

Sometimes, when I need a pick me up I make myself a healthy shot with water + any of the mixes. My favorite is Super Green (+ some lemon juice) to strengthen my immune system when I feel like I'm about to catch a cold.

nourishing foods

I hope this gave you some ideas on how you can use the mixes to effortlessly add some nutrition to your diet :) How do you like to use the mixes?

nourishing foods

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