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healthy morning routine smoothie

Are you a morning person? I definitely am - I love to use mornings to unwind and start the day right with my little routine. This is what I need for the perfect start to the day:

1. Hydration
Right after I wake up I drink a big glass of water on an empty stomach to rehydrate my body after a long night without any water. This honestly makes such a difference in the way I start my day and became an essential step in my morning routine.

2. Nourishing Breakfast
I try to eat breakfast within 1-2 hours after waking up. And yes, for me it is the most important meal of the day. I’m literally breaking the fast after not eating for hours and therefore like to start the day with lots of nutrients to fuel my body. My favorite right now: this big green smoothie! #greenseveryday

healthy morning routine

3. Meditation
I love to start my morning with 10 minutes of meditation. It calms my mind and prepares me mentally for the day ahead. And yes, it wasn’t easy at all when I first started meditating. I also had 173738 thoughts running through my head. But just sit down, focus on your breath and whenever you get distracted simply focus on your breath again :)

4. Journaling
One of my favorite things to do in the morning is sitting down with a cup of tea and writing down 3 things I’m grateful for. It’s different every day and sometimes it’s just really small things like a delicious breakfast or good company. Being grateful changed me to a more positive person.

5. Bodylove
Getting in some movement like yoga or bodyweight exercises in the morning became an important part of my routine because it helps me start the day with a clear head. And last but not least: a refreshing shower with either a face mask or scrub… Spending these 5 extra minutes on myself helps me feel beautiful and fresh (are you into natural beauty? This might be interesting for you!).

These five things make my morning (or actually my whole day) less hectic, more productive and just overall more enjoyable. What does your morning routine look like? I’m curious and would love to get inspired! :)

healthy morning routine

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