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Idea for a Healthy Porridge Recipe: The Green Porridge

A nutritious and indulgent breakfast? It is possible with the Green Porridge, a recipe that combines a serving of healthy greens with a delicious and rich chocolate flavour!


Green Porridge


Greens in your oats? Why not! Kris from Pearsnpancakes surprised us on her Instagram with this nutritious, delicious chocolate Super Green bowl, featuring the Super Green Mix.


The Super Green Mix renders it easy for you to increase your daily intake of nutritious greens. This blend of 6 powerful and organic superfoods goes well into sweet just as much as savoury recipes - perfect to sneak in some more fibres in your meals! Simple spoonfuls every so often will support your body's natural activities and metabolism. 


But now, let's get to the delicious porridge part, shall we?

Green Porridge Recipe


  • 10g Super Green Mix
  • 10g Chocolate Lover Mix
  • 60g (gluten free) oats
  • 350ml cups water (or your choice of plant milk)
  • toppings: puffed quinoa, raw cacao nibs, fruit of your choice
  • optional: 1 tbsp. maple syrup



  1. Stir the oats with water or milk in a pot.
  2. Cook it on medium temperature for about 5 minutes until you have a creamy consistency. Stir continuously to avoid any burn.
  3. Take the pot off the stove and stir in the Super Green Mix, the Chocolate Lover Mix and the maple syrup (if using).
  4. Enjoy everything in your favorite bowl with some yummy toppings!


Who would have thought that greens and chocolate go so well together! We would love for you to try this delicious recipe and let us know what you think in the comments.

    Picure credit: @pearsnpancakes


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