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breakfast habits

Ahhh, breakfast  my favorite time of the day. I love starting the day with a delicious and nourishing meal as it gives me energy and motivation to conquer everything life throws at me!

Building a healthy breakfast routine helped me so much, as it helps set the tone for how I’ll be eating throughout the day. Having this routine also helps me take time for myself in the mornings before the work craziness begins.

Here are some of my tips to make the best out of your morning meal and start the day right:

1. Hydration

Right after I wake up I drink a big glass of water on an empty stomach to rehydrate my body after a long night without any water. This honestly makes such a difference in the way I start my day and became an essential step in my morning routine.

2. Natural Nutrients

Starting the day with lots of natural nutrients is key! It makes me feel energized and vibrant, plus, it sets the tone for how I’m going to eat throughout the day. The easiest way is to add a spoonful of the YSF functional mixes to my breakfast!

3. Keep it varied
I love breakfast food and will probably never get tired of it. Some people don’t eat breakfast at all or get tired of the healthy breakfast options. Try different recipes, like smoothies, oatmeal, chia pudding, pancakes etc to stay excited and on track.

4. Be prepared
Preparation is key! With a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to blame not so healthy food choices on the convenience of getting sandwiches on-to go or eating out. It can be so easy to stay on track by being prepared though! Are you always running short on time in the mornings? Prep your breakfast ahead (overnight oats are perfect for that) and simply grab it in the morning.

Our Trial Pack is perfect for on-the-go as you can easily add the content of the stick pack to yogurt, chia puddings, smoothies, oatmeal or even simply water. The options are endless!

In case you want to get serious about your healthy breakfast habits – check out our Breakfast Bundle incl. our #goodstart recipe e-book for lots of inspiration!

Do you have any tips on how to build healthy breakfast habits? Let me know in the comments!! :)

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