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You might already know that high-protein foods curb your appetite and keep you full longer. A protein-rich breakfast keeps hunger and cravings away far better than a carbohydrate-heavy breakfast. And a protein shake is the perfect solution quick solution on busy mornings!

But there a couple things to keep in mind when making a protein shake or smoothie to get all the benefits from it:

vegan protein smoothie

1. Not making it too sweet

Adding high-sugar ingredients like dried fruit, sweetened nut milk, and sugar-added nut butter can easily turn a potentially healthy shake into a sugar bomb.

Go for low-sugar impact ingredients. Our protein mixes don’t contain any added sugars or sweeteners! My favorite: blending Muscle Power with unsweetened coconut milk, frozen raspberries, avocado, and spinach. An easy, delicious and fat-burning breakfast whipped up in minutes that keeps you full for hours.

2. Picking the right protein

While ‘whey protein’ became the standard for protein powders, studies found out that it creates an insulin-raising effect similar to white bread. Casein protein is another no-go, as studies have shown that this milk protein mimics druglike effects in the brain (scary!).

Soy protein also gets the thumbs down, because it can affect
your thyroid and potentially contribute to breast cancer. Plus most soy is genetically modified.

Go for non-soy, non-dairy protein powder. Our protein mixes are both completely vegan, gluten free, organic, non-sweetened and soy-free. Just 100% high-quality proteins combined with powerful nutrient-dense superfoods.

3. Reading labels

Many brands use preservatives, maltodextrin, fructose and other sugars or artificial sweeteners in their protein powders to make them taste better. Some even contain dangerous toxins like heavy metals and artificial colors, which is an absolute no-go!

Read labels carefully. The fewer ingredients, the better. That’s why we just use pure and high-quality plant-based rice, pea and hemp protein and carefully sources superfoods like moringa and maca in our mixes. Both mixes contain only 5 ingredients (see mix profile below!).

I love using Muscle Power in my breakfast or before my workout to get some protein and energy in (it contains energizing superfoods like maca and banana powder) and mostly use Skinny Protein after my workouts to replenish my tired muscles and recover faster.

How do you like to use them? :)

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